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Book Review: Freedom, Daniel Suarez, 2010

A worthy successor to Daemon. If you enjoyed the first, you'll enjoy the second.

In the continuing tour of the most awesome books I am rereading, next is the sequel to Daemon.


You’ll remember that in the previous book, an artificial intelligence was launched by a game designer to, essentially, force change upon the world. Where the first book was action, adventure, and technology, the second takes the reader to a whole new level of intellectual engagement.

In Freedom, the factions are set and they are battling for ownership of the rules that will govern their lives from then on. On the one side, the traditional corporate evil of capitalism in its worst form, unhinged and focused on preserving the status quo – and their companies’ values to the shareholders. On the other, a new vision of democracy, crowdsourced and localized. Community, redefined for the modern age.

I love this book, especially the thinking it inspires. You cannot go wrong with this story. Buy it, borrow it, check it out of the library, whatever – but read it!

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