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Book Review: Daemon, Daniel Suarez, 2009

Read this book. Right now. Seriously. Go.

This book is nothing short of groundbreaking. Seriously, Y’all. That’s why, years after release, it’s still relevant enough for me to recommend.

Daemon features a billionaire game designer, using automation to influence the world after his death. Action and adventure as the apparent “good guys” battle the apparent “bad guys.” However, the whole thing is surrounded by the meta questions of what it is to be free, what it is to be part of the system, what could be if the existing structures and restrictions were torn down. Augmented reality, virtual reality, leading to a new reality that is fully realized in the second book in the duology, Freedom.

I have read Daemon at least 5 times, and I find new things to enjoy in every read.

Get it from a library, buy it from amazon, borrow it from a friend, whatever, but READ THIS BOOK.

Trust me on this. If you disagree with my opinion, hit me up on Facebook and let’s discuss it.

Until next time –


P.S. – Yes, my reviews are sparse and to the point. We have limited time, and I don’t want to waste yours. I will only share the stuff I *really* believe in with you.

P.P.S. – Yes, those are affiliate links. If you don’t want to use them, I will not be offended. Get the book anyway.

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