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A new commander makes a devastating mistake…

Anderson Cross has always known that command is his destiny. His triumphant first victory turns sour as his ship catapults through space into alien territory. As it flees first contact, an errant torpedo destroys a relic sacred to the aliens and ignites a holy war.

Now Cross and his Executive Officer Kate Flynn must together face the might of an alien invasion bent on the destruction of all Earth’s children. Can they endure long enough to save themselves – and remain whole long enough to save humanity?

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Brilliant Sci-Fi Combat Drama

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The Suicide Run – Free Prequel!

The Destroyer Lubyanka. Undefeated. Undefeatable.

Cadets Anderson Cross and Kate Flynn face the ultimate rite of passage: taking on the Lubyanka. Countless others have tried. Countless others have failed. Now it is up to them. Together, they will try to overcome the undefeatable enemy.